There is nothing like being asked to be a best man at a wedding – unless of course public speaking isn’t your strong point and the thoughts of giving a speech makes you run a mile! Indeed, wedding speeches are a unique situation where individuals – often with no prior speech making experience – are encouraged to “step up” and deliver breath taking speeches with confidence, humour and insight. Thankfully there are many things that you can do to help improve your performance, including writing and preparing the content of the speech well before the time that you are delivering it. This will enable you to focus on the delivery of the content that you wish to impart rather than the content itself – as anyone who has listened to speeches by Barack Obama or John Kennedy there is much to be said about the importance of the delivery of the content having a profound effect on the audiences receptiveness to the speech.

At some point we have all been in a classroom, lecture theatre or meeting where the individual delivering the content is incredibly knowledgeable and the content itself is utter gold – yet due to the delivery of the content the audience is simply unable to absorb it (much like gold!). Instead, creating that balance between content and delivery can enable speeches even with simple concepts to be incredibly profound for the audience. Therefore, gaining even a small bit of guidance about how to deliver speeches can really help that once in a lifetime opportunity you have to stand up in front of friends and family to speak. I am more than happy to help in terms of wedding speech preparation. For more information simply get in touch!

This article was co-authored by Matthew Rusk, founder of Guitar Lessons London and Music Teacher.