Who Should Get One-To-One Lessons?

A wide range of people could get one-to-one elocution lessons:

  • Second language speakers looking to improve their spoken English
  • Executives and managers looking to improve their communication
  • Anyone looking for one-to-one focus instead of group learning
  • Those looking for the most time-efficient route to improve their voices

How Are They Different From Classes?

One-to-one elocution lessons differ a lot from classes. Since everybody walks in with different vocal issues, the teacher is always striving to find a compromise between all the students’ needs. One might work on ‘S’ sounds because half of the group needs to work on them – but that leaves half of the group doing work which might not benefit them.

In one-to-one elocution lessons, the focus is wholly on you. Your issues dictate the lesson plan. Your way of learning is catered to. You are the focus.

Who Takes The Lessons?

The elocution lessons are taken by Matt Pocock, a MA in Voice with 4,000 lessons under his belt. Matt has training as a singing, voice and accent coach, and he’ll be able to structure your elocution lessons into a plan which works for you.

How Are The Lessons Run?

The elocution lessons are run over Skype, the free video calling service. You’ll arrange with Matt a time for the call, and he’ll call you at the appointed time. You can take the calls from your home or office.

Why Do You Prefer Skype Lessons?

All of our students now take their lessons over Skype – it’s enhanced our lessons enormously. Not hiring lesson space in London means we can keep our costs down, so we keep our lessons at the low price of £40/hour. It also means you can take your lessons in the most comfortable setting possible, and begin practicing directly after the lesson. And when it comes to working with accents and speech, we’re working with the face. We see everything we need to see in the Skype window.

In fact, going over to Skype lessons was one of the best decisions we ever made – feel free to give Matt a call if you’ve got any questions.

How Often Should You Take Lessons?

One-To-One elocution lessons work best on a regular basis – but defining ‘regular’ is trickier than one might imagine. One student might need weekly coaching, and another might require twice weekly. One student might need two hours per lesson, one student just half an hour.

But Matt will offer you an honest opinion as to how much tuition you need. The general pattern tends to be that students start off with more lessons, then wind down into a fortnightly lesson pattern.