Why Get Elocution Lessons?

When it comes to the important things – the job interviews, the wedding speeches, the board presentations – we want to be able to give it our all. But what if there is something holding you back?

Accents are fine and wonderful things. They reflect your history, your heritage, your home. But these histories come with downsides. They can act as dampeners on our message, making us more likely to be misheard. We can talk with all the passion in the world, but we need clarity and specificity to communicate with power.

Elocution lessons are perfect for someone who wants to get heard. It’s for the person who wants to communicate well, but something gets in the way. It’s for the jetsetter who wants to master their second language.

Elocution Lessons London: Who Should Get Elocution Lessons?

Elocution lessons are perfect for a great variety of people:

  • Teachers looking for clarity in the classroom
  • Businesspeople needing to nail the next presentation
  • Children looking to get the best start in life
  • Entrepreneurs looking to win the next pitch
  • Customer Service workers needing clarity of speech
  • Actors wanting to reach a pure Received Pronunciation
  • Second Language speakers working on their pronunciation
  • Academics working on delivering their next paper
  • Politicians looking to find their real voice
  • Anyone who’s ever thought about softening their accent

Will It Change My Voice?

You might have seen elocution on ‘My Fair Lady’ or ‘The King’s Speech’. Things have come on since then. We no longer want to get make people’s accents ‘perfect’.

Instead of accent softening or elocution, we like to use a different term: dynamic articulation. Our goal is not to change your voice, but make it more dynamic and muscular. We want to hear the vowels clearly, the consonants crisply, and the tone strongly. So often, your accent holds you back without knowing why. We want to give you back the control of your tongue, lips, and larynx.

So it’s not about changing your voice. It’s about making you aware of the mechanics that govern your voice, so that you can control it under any circumstances. If anything, it’s about finding your voice, not changing it.

Elocution Lessons London: What Will We Be Doing?

We give you diagnostic exercises which help you hear the differences between your voice and the one we’re aiming for. We work on clear, muscular instructions which help you hear the change instantly. We look at phonetics to help unpick the different sounds required. We even give you recorded exercises and practice paragraphs to take away.

Learning elocution relies on muscular change – and we know that takes practice. This means simple, precise drills done every day to encourage new muscle memory. We guarantee you’ll leave every lesson knowing exactly what you need to do next. And we’ll be doing our best to help you get there.


What Will I Get From Elocution Lessons?

We like to teach people who like to teach themselves. This means that we include you in the learning process – helping to give you the tools to self-correct. Our students have found new confidence, new vocal power, and a new presence. All this from learning how to control their voice.

Because the voice is more than mechanics. It’s about your identity: how you stand in the world and how you make your mark. Elocution is more than learning to speak in a posh voice. It’s about finding out just how good you can be.

Do You Run One-To-One Lessons, or Groups?

We run one-to-one lessons only – that means every student of ours can work on the material they want to work on. It gives us the peace of mind to know we’re serving every one of our students the best we can. Learn more at the link below.