Why Get Accent Coaching?

Accents unlock characters. More than clothing, more than presence – often even more than history. When you get an accent that just feels right, the character flows out. You’ve found the voice. You’ve found the physicality. Now you can play.

And accents can make or break an audition. Your accent proficiency defines your castability. Too few accents under your belt limits the amount of roles you can apply for, the jobs you can get. Even more than that, That bar of accents on your spotlight profile gives casting directors an impression of how trained you are. If it’s too short, they might overlook you completely.

Some people seem to have the ‘ear’ for accents. They seem to be able to mimic anything they hear. But this ability, which seems so natural, can be taught. A good ‘ear’ is a combination of things. It’s a muscular tongue. It’s an ability to break down individual sounds. And it’s a curiosity for trying things out. Accent coaching unlocks all of those things.

What Will We Be Doing?

At Elocution Lessons London, we want you to think of the consonants as opportunities, not obstacles. We work on physical, anatomically accurate, highly effective drills which get you learning fast. Whether it’s a weak R, a too-dark L, or a vowel out of joint, we can help.

And we teach dozens of dialects. If you’re looking to master Received Pronunciation, General American, or any accent in the world, we can get you there. Using the international phonetic alphabet (IPA), we can help you break down the sounds, the tune, the vowel lengths and even the physicality of the accent. We’ll give you written accent breakdowns which cover the accent and help you practice even when we’re not there. In the past, we’ve taught:

  • Received Pronunciation (RP)
  • Heightened RP
  • Cockney
  • Estuary English
  • West Country
  • Scottish
  • Liverpudlian
  • Manchester
  • Welsh
  • General American
  • New York (Italian)
  • New York (Yiddish)
  • Southern American
  • And many, many more.

Accent coaching is about finding the voice to find the character. It’s about extending your abilities. And it’s not just about learning one accent – it’s about learning the ‘ear’ that means you can pick up on any accent.