Matt Pocock is a vocal coach specialising in elocution, public speaking and actor training. He has delivered over 2,500 lessons and workshops as a vocal coach, working with private clients, FTSE 100 companies and drama schools. He currently works at East 15 as an Accent & Articulation tutor. He worked as a vocal health consultant for international pastille makers Vocalzone and currently runs the VoiceHacker network.

Matt began his training in Devon, taking a BA in Drama from Exeter University. He taught private voice lessons and worked as an associate lecturer at Exeter College. His clients included barristers, actors, teachers and singers. Overall, Matt saw over 200 clients – the vast majority of them complete beginners. To this day, Matt specialises in working with beginner students, and prides himself on making difficult concepts easy to understand for everybody.

In 2014, he moved to Guildford to pursue a Masters in Voice from Guildford School of Acting. Here, he learned from many vocal pedagogies, including Linklater, Rodenburg, Berry, Fitzmaurice and Gutekunst. To increase his anatomical knowledge he took an Estill Levels 1 & 2 course, a Lessac Kinesensics course, and attended workshops from Rebecca Carey, Annie Morrison, and Steve Walker. He also learned the use of the international phonetic alphabet in teaching accents and dialects. Matt’s exceptional anatomical knowledge and up-to-date methods of training give him the ability to quickly diagnose problems and make rapid progress with students.

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