London Drama Schools: East 15

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Elocution Lessons London: What is it like there?

London-based East 15 is on a gorgeous leafy campus. On a typical day, the students (all in black) will be dotted about on the grass, in the dark-wood canteen, or in the computer rooms. There is an old-world feel to most of the campus buildings. To enter, you walk through a small roadway with tall hedges on either side, opening out into the Corbett Theatre and the main building. There are a couple of new builds in a large purchased field behind the main campus, and a large open undeveloped space where students host outdoor plays in the summer.

Elocution Lessons London: What kind of courses do they do?

East 15 is primarily an acting school, which means they don’t host any musical theatre courses. They are affiliated to Essex University, which backs up their qualifications. They do MA’s in Acting, an MA international tailored for students visiting from abroad, as well as an MA in directing and stage management. Their BA courses in Acting and Foundation courses are well-attended and competitive.

Elocution Lessons London: What makes them special?

East 15 has an excellent voice department, led by Christina Gutekunst, whose recently released book (Voice Into Acting, 2014, with John Gillett) has garnered a lot of attention and is becoming the new gold standard in voice work. This means their practical voice work throughout the school is very solid and very practical focused.

For 2015, East 15 topped the National Student Satisfaction rating, the nationally recognised survey of student happiness. It has an excellent employability rate, with many students going on to brilliant careers in London. But the atmosphere and loyalty to the school make it a rather lovely place to study.

Elocution Lessons London: Where are they located?

East 15 is located in Loughton, Greater London. It is a 10-minute walk away from Debden station on the Central Line, in London’s Zone 6. Local rent prices are on the rise, though one can usually find fairly cheap accommodation in Loughton, one tube stop away.

Elocution Lessons London: What facilities do they have?

With full access to the Corbett Theatre and a huge variety of dance and acting studios, East 15 has great facilities. Its main building hosts singing lessons and computer studios, and all of its main buildings are located on one site, making access easy and convenient.

Elocution Lessons London: What’s their reputation?

East 15 has a strong reputation for producing very good actors. It is certainly up there with Central, RADA and LAMDA as one of the top schools in London and the country. It is a worthy place for any actor to receive their training.

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