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Welcome to Elocution Lessons London: home of Matt Pocock, the 2,500-lesson voice tutor. You might be looking for more clarity in the workplace. You might be looking to strengthen your on-stage articulation. Or you might just be looking to adapt to the English language. Elocution Lessons London can help.

So often we speak, but fail to be understood. People are hesitant to ask “did you get that?” or “did I say that wrong?”. The conversation becomes stilted and confused. The presentation doesn’t land. You don’t get recalled for that interview.

At Elocution Lessons London, we listen to your voice and break down what changes need to be made. Accent softening – adjusting an accent for clarity – is simply a case of vowels and consonants. We show you which T’s you’re replacing with D’s. We know which L’s you’re replacing with W’s. We see which vowels are not quite landing. We don’t want to give you a different voice. We want to bring out the strength and clarity in your voice, your message, your personality. Get heard here.

With a Masters in Voice from Guildford School of Acting, Matt teaches Accent & Articulation at East 15 Acting School. His clients include FTSE 100 company Accenture, international public speaking club Toastmasters, and various universities and drama schools. He is an accent and elocution specialist, with training in vocal anatomy, phonetics and presentation coaching. Matt has taught over 300 students in one-to-one lessons. Many have been complete beginners, and some have been executives, presenters and top-level musicians.

Elocution Lesson London’s one-to-one lessons are focused on your needs. We have a structured programme tailored to you.Get in touch for a no-obligation consultation to see how we could benefit you.

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